Decision Tree Generator (D-Tree)


D-Tree is a design tool for creating decision trees intended for deployment online. It allows you to design a network of simple yes-no questions, multiple-choice menus, and data inputs. At any point, your design can be used to generate an HTML version for the web, and allow it to be tested locally. Such decision trees can be used to guide an end-user around resources, find something in a catalogue, identify something, implement a hierarchical help system, or construct something (e.g. a citation string). It tries to be as general purpose as possible, but without being overly complex.

Latest version is 1.0.0

Blog Posts

"A Citation Generator" (30 Sep 2021).


There was a dedicated Facebook support group, but it was removed 18 June 2023. The author also accepts communication via the 'Contact form' located in the right margin of the associated blog posts.


The installation kit, PDF documentation, and samples can all be downloaded from the following Dropbox folder. Please take note of the Installation.pdf document before installing.

Instructional Videos

As yet, there are no instructional videos available on the author's YouTube channel.


None as yet.