MetaProxy was originally developed to demonstrate the difference between indexing and physical organisation of resources. It uses a low-tech solution called "buddy files" to viewing and maintaining meta-data (e.g. captions, annotations, archival descriptions) for images and other file types. Because it does not involve any changes to the images then it is an ideal way of annotating digital photographs and images of historical documents, and so it is used by SVG Family-Tree Generator for its image albums.

Other advantages of this solution include:

Latest version is 3.0.0

Blog Posts

"MetaProxy (v3.0)" (22 May 2020).

"Tool for Annotating Image Files" (8 Feb 2019).


There was a dedicated Facebook support group, but it was removed 18 June 2023. The author also accepts communication via the 'Contact form' located in the right margin of the associated blog posts.


The executable file and PDF documentation can both be downloaded from the following Dropbox folder. No actual installation process is required.

There is also a variant for the Mac at Dropbox folder for Mac.

Instructional Videos

There are no instructional videos currently available for the Windows version on the author's YouTube channel.


None as yet.